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This page documents both JAR and ARJ, a pair of archivers from Robert Jung

Open Source ARJ

The well-respected ARJ archiver is now available as Open Source software. This portable version targets DOS, OS/2, Linux, and FreeBSD. See the project home page for binary versions of previous commercial/shareware versions. (These versions were free for personal use, but not commercial.)

ARJ 2.78/3.10 build 17 is shipping in September, 2003.

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Posted in September 14th, 2003

Jazz interface for the JAR file compressor

Published in Commercial Programs, ARJ

The folks at Dark Horse Industries like Robert Jung’s JAR compressor. So much so that they created a graphical front end for it. Get it here.


Posted in July 20th, 2002

ARJ for Linux and FreeBSD

Published in Commercial Programs, ARJ

Andrew Belov, from ARJ Software Russia, has announced the release of ARJ for Linux and FreeBSD. Links on this site to the OS/2 version as well, if you’re in the market for that.

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Posted in October 5th, 2001

ARJ 2.75

Published in Commercial Programs, ARJ

An archived copy of ARJ 2.75.

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Posted in February 5th, 2001

ARJ Software, Inc.

The home page for Robert Jung and ARJ. This page has links to the ARJ FAQ, downloads of the various ARJ executables, and ordering information. It also is the home page for the newer JAR archiver. Arj is now on release 2.71.


Posted in May 27th, 2000

JAR File Format

Published in Standards, ARJ

Wotsit’s description of the JAR file format. Robert Jung’s JAR format, not the JAR format used to distribute Java classes.

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Posted in February 14th, 2000

ARJ File Format Description

Published in Standards, ARJ

A description of the ARJ file format.

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Posted in December 1st, 1999

Password recovery software

Published in Commercial Programs, ARJ, Zip

Elcom makes password recovery software, which includes support for Zip and Arj files.

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Posted in November 19th, 1999

SARJ v1.21 - FreeWare by TSF SoftWare

Create and expand solid archives with the well-known ARJ, able to handle fool archives as it was an ARJ archive (GUS), support of Win95’s long file names, ANSI archive comment allowed, with a fast display, ANSI.SYS *not* necessary, protection against ANSI-BOMB, optimized for a minimal use of the RAM (memory), compatibility with ARJ;
- security improved for encrypted arjives, often beter than C**** (a similar product);

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Posted in November 7th, 1999