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Compression and Encryption Sources

Links to a variety of lossless coders, includes source for Huffman, arithmetic, LZSS, and other compressors.

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Posted in May 1st, 2004


AVInfo is a utility for displaying AVI and MPEG (1, 2) information. It returns the length of a clip, FPS, resolution, codec, audio and video bit rate, number of key frames, sound parameters, and the number and type of streams, including detailed information for each, generating a filelist with statistics.


Posted in April 19th, 2004


The software reviewer at the SlaughterHouse speculated that commercial developers of zip programs ought to just pack it in when they see how good QuickZip is. If you agree or disagree, why not post an evaluation here so we can benefit from your experience? It seems to be free, plus has support for Chinese and several European languages.

Release 3.05 is shipping as of November, 2003.


Posted in November 16th, 2003

ShipInBottle Archiver

This is a Russian language web site, so I’ll have to apologize in advance for any mistakes. As far as I can tell, this is a PPM-based archiver. I can’t tell if it’s free or not, so I’m listing it as both!


Posted in June 21st, 2003

The GSLib image compression library

Alexander Simakov has created a streaming, DCT-based, lossy compression library that works on gray scale images. This is a shareware library that works with Win32 programs. Registered users get source code, samples in several languages, and help files in English and Russian.


Posted in June 20th, 2003

Dmitry Shkarin

Dmitry Shkarin is the author of the PPMD compressor. His homepage has links to to versions A-I of the compressor as of April, 2003. This page is in Russian, but I find that running it through
BabelFish produces a usuable translation.


Posted in April 14th, 2003


Zipbit is yet another inexpensive Win32 archiver with support for a wide range of archive types. Creates SFX files, integrates with Windows Explorer, and has localized versions for English, German, and Russian.

Version 1.05 is shipping as of April, 2003.


Posted in April 14th, 2003


A DirectShow filter which will allow you to play AVI files containing AC3 encoded audio. A nice stream of releases with steady improvement.

Version 0.66b is shipping as of March, 2003.


Posted in March 26th, 2003

Data Compression Site

This site is in Russian, so I am not able to tell you much about it. It has links to some papers, and seems to have a link to PDF files that comprise much of a book on compression.

Reader Dan L. says The best site about comression!

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Posted in September 15th, 2002

Image Compression Algorithms

The book that accompanies the course of the same name. Russian-language submitter reports that the book has info on RLE, LZW, CCITT Group 3, Jpeg, Wavelet, and Fractal compression.

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Posted in July 2nd, 2001

“Data Compression Fundamentals” (1998)

Andrey Fomin has posted a long Russian paper in word format on his web site. You’ll need a Microsoft Passport (free) to get here, but it’s worth the trip if you can read it.
Andrey has this to say about his paper/book:
A survey of different basic Data Compression techniques. Uses some mathematical and statistical materials, but doesn’t require a
special scientific degree. Though written in Russian, this book contains VERY useful References, Examples and Source Codes!

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Posted in January 11th, 2001

Maxime Zakharov - Compression Links

Compression links to papers and web sites, mostly in Russian language.

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Posted in December 27th, 1999