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Japanese / 日本語

References to sites that provide data compression information in Japanese

Taking Advantage of libpng

Reputedly an excellent set of resources for using libpng - but don’t take my word for it - my Japanese is non-existent.


Posted in July 10th, 2004

MacLHA support

This web site is run by the author of MacLHA, a drag and drop version of LHA for Mac OS. You can also get access to a drag and drop LHA expander for Mac OS here.


Posted in November 24th, 2003

DropLHA for Mac OS/X

A site that has a port of a drag and drop version of LHA to Mac OS X. My Japanese referrer tells me this version does not support MacBinary so resource forks will be lost by this program.


Posted in November 24th, 2003

Data Compression Pointers

A set of data compression links maintained by Haruhiko Okumura. Many of the links here point to Japanese language sites. Even if you cannot read Japanese, you may still profit from the profusion of links on this page. Just be sure your browser is set to render Shift-JIS.


Posted in December 24th, 2001

Data Compression in Japan

I need a translation of this page from any interested volunteer.


Posted in December 24th, 2001


I need a translation of this page from any Japanese speaking volunteers.


Posted in December 24th, 2001


A Japanese language site that is somehow related to zlib.

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Posted in December 24th, 2001


Easy-GZ is a compression tool which allows extremely tight compression and quick decompression. Based on the GZip standard and optimized for the Macintosh platform, an easy-to-use, effective GZ compressor has finally been brought to the Mac OS. Is this software free or not? I’m putting it in the free category - if you find out otherwise please send me an email.


Posted in July 25th, 2001

Compact Pro

Compact Pro is a shareware file compression and archival utility for the Mac. It compresses and stores files in “archives” which may span multiple diskettes. Compact Pro supports data encryption (US and Canadian users only) and self-extracting archives.


Posted in July 25th, 2001

Dr. Sandra Woolley’s Data Compression Linkes

An assortment of links on a wide variety of compression related topics. Includes a rating system indicating the value of the links.


Posted in August 20th, 2000


An audio compression format invented at NTT’s Cyber Space Laboratories. Get your player and compressor right here. (English avaible by following the sharp-eyed link.)

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Posted in July 30th, 2000

Unisys LZW Page

Some information on LZW, it looks as though this has info on Licensing, but I’m not sure. All information is in Japanese.

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Posted in November 9th, 1999

Common Archives Library Project

Home page for the Common Archivers Library project. This page is completely in Japanese, but an English version of the index is available at a single click. The goal of this project appears to be to provide standard library software that works with any and all archives. Good idea.

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Posted in November 7th, 1999

Mitsuharu ARIMURA’s Bookmarks on Source Coding/Data Compression

An enormous page of data compression links, well organized by type. Although this page is hosted in Japan, nearly all of the links are described in English.

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Posted in November 6th, 1999

Micco’s Home Page

Home of LHMelt, UNLHA32.DLL, UNARJ32.DLL. All text on this page is in Japanese, except for a single link pointing to English information on UNLHA32.DLL.

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Posted in November 5th, 1999

Bibliography on Source Coding/Data Compression

Mitsuharu Arimura’s page of links and references to a wide variety of papers and books on lossless compression. Some of the links are listed in English, others in Japanese.


Posted in September 21st, 1999

LHA Source code site

FTP site that contains LHA source code. Most of this page is in Japanese.


Posted in February 18th, 1999