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Fractal image compression is a lossy compression technique. Compression is performed by locating self-similar sections of an image, then using a fractal algorithm to generate the sections. Fractals are a very interesting field of study, but this page won’t attempt to cover everything there is to know about fractals. For the most part, we will only look at fractals as they relate to compression. To learn more about this fascinating subject, try looking into some of the resources pointed to by the Fractal FAQ

Genetic Algorithms for Fractal Image and Image Sequence Compression

In this paper we present a method that uses Genetic Algorithms (GAs) to find a Local Iterated Function System (LIFS) that encodes a single image. By doing this, the time needed to achieve this LIFS is reduced by about compared with Barnsley’s method if similar image quality is desired. If less quality is acceptable, using a GA we can vary the time the encoding will take by changing parameters such as population size and number of generations allowed.


Posted in September 12th, 2004

Fractal Image Compression for Spaceborne Transputers

A dissertation by Keith Howell which evaluates the suitability of Fractal Compression for spacecraft images. Keith says he is willing to supply source code upon request.

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Posted in July 29th, 2004

Yuval Fisher’s Fractal Links

Published in Links, Fractals

A very comprehensive page of links from Yuval Fisher, who is right there in the middle of the whole fractal business. This page features a glut of links to papers, bibliographies, books, conferences, and software. You can’t go wrong here.

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Posted in December 21st, 2003

Advanced Fractals

A Web-based tutorial on Fractals, which includes a description of fractal image compression.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

On Fractal Compression

An overview of Fractal Compression.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

Iterated function systems and compression

An entry from a web page entitled “Fractal Questions and Answers”.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

Fractal Image Compression

An entry from some sort of online encyclopedia giving a quick overview of Fractal Compression.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

The Leipzig Paper Collection on Fractal Image Compression

A giant bibliography on Fractal Image Compression. Links to online versions of some, but far from all, papers.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

Application of the BSP Model in Fractal Image Compression

An MS dissertation, with the complete text online.


Posted in September 29th, 2002

Algorithm for Fast Fractal Image Compression

Fractal image compression is a promising new technology that may successfully provide a codec for PC-to-PC video communications. Unfortunately, the large amount of computation needed for the compression stage is a major obstacle that needs to be overcome. This paper introduces the Fast Fractal Image Compression algorithm, a new approach to breaking the “speed problem” that has plagued previous efforts.


Posted in September 28th, 2002

A Non Uniform Segmentation Optimal Hybrid Fractal/dct Image Compression Algorithm

by Gerry Melnikov, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos. In this paper a hybrid fractal and Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) coder is developed.


Posted in September 28th, 2002

Fractal Image Compression

Online demos of Fractal compression and decompression. Available in English, French, and German.


Posted in June 4th, 2002

IFS - Fractal Image Compression

This page offers a program called the IFS Application Framework, a freeware program that does fractal image coding, along with some docs. The author of the page puts it this way: We use insanely complicated mathematics to achieve big compression ratios.

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Posted in February 21st, 2002

Wikipedia entry: Fractal Compression

This Wikipedia entry describes Fractal image compression. Short overview.


Posted in January 27th, 2002

Fractal Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The Usenet newsgroup sci.fractals and the listserv forum frac-l are devoted to discussions on fractals. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is an electronic serial compiled from questions and answers contributed by many participants in those discussions. This FAQ also lists various archives of programs, images, and papers that can be accessed through the global computer networks (WWW/Internet/BITNET) by using email, anonymous ftp, gophers, and World Wide Web browsers. This FAQ is not intended as a general introduction to fractals, or a set of rigorous definitions, but rather a useful summary of ideas, sources, and references.

DCL user feedback: The links on that particular page are extremely outdated, as well as a lot of the information. It’s still useful, but there’s gotta be
a more up-to-date alternative


Posted in December 30th, 2001

Recent Publications of Lai-Man PO

Many publications spanning a wide variety of image processing topics. Dr. Po has papers here on both wavelet and fractical compression, motion estimation, etc.


Posted in December 30th, 2001

US Patent 4941193: Methods and apparatus for image compression by iterated function system

One of the earliest patents regarding fractal compression. Issued 10 July 1990, assigned to Iterated Systems.


Posted in December 24th, 2001

US Patent 5065447: Method and apparatus for processing digital data

A fundamental patent for fractal image compression assigned to Iterated Systems. This patent was issued 12 November 1991.


Posted in December 24th, 2001

US Patent 5347600: Method and apparatus for compression and decompression of digital image data

A fractal compression patent held by Iterated Systems, Inc. This appears to be a very fundamental patent issued 13 September 1994.


Posted in December 24th, 2001

Geoff Davis

Geoff Davis’s home page. Geoff has published several of his wavelet papers on the web, including an interesting analysys of Fractal compression in terms of wavelets. At one time Geoff Davis was responsible for a Wavelet toolkit, but it isn’t on his new site. Please forward pointers is you find it.


Posted in December 7th, 2001

Fractal Compression

A giant bibliography with pointer to on-line papers, as well as some basic information on the state of the art. Not for the timid or the beginner.


Posted in August 27th, 2001

Fractal Compression

Stefan Adolf’s page discussing some experimentation he’s doing with Fractal compression. A cry for help?


Posted in December 9th, 2000

Fractal image compression based on delaunay triangulation

PhD thesis by Franck Davoine, 20 December 1995. The key to a good fractal compression algorithm is the method by which it breaks down segments of an image into smaller pieces, called partitioning. Davoine introduces a partitioning method based on Delaunay triangulation.

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Posted in July 4th, 2000

Fractal Imaging, by Ning Lu

Published in Books, Fractals

ISBN: 0124580106, April 1997, US Price: $55.95. The publisher says: Fractal Imaging presents the logic, technology, and various uses of fractal imaging by analyzing a complete, usable fractal image representation system. The book appears to be designed to help apply fractal imaging.

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Posted in July 2nd, 2000

Fractal Image Compression Bibliography

Published in Links, Fractals

This bibliography was compiled from a number of sources, including the extensive bibliographies (in postscript form) by John Kominek and by Dietmar Saupe and Raouf Hamzaoui.


Posted in June 9th, 2000

Vladimir Valenta’s Home Page

Vladimir has pointers to a batch of his papers here, which seem to concentrate on image compression, including VQ and Wavelet based compression. Plus many links to image compression, fractal, and wavelet pages.

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Posted in June 3rd, 2000

Top Ten Reasons why Fractal Image Compression is not Fractal

A not very serious trashing of fractal compression.


Posted in December 4th, 1999

Signal and Image Processing Group

The University of Bath has a group that is advertised as “world leaders in still image and video coding.” They appear to be interested in lossy compression based on DCT, Wavelets, and Fractal compression. This is their home page.


Posted in November 23rd, 1999

Spanky Fractal Database

Published in Links, Fractals

A database of Fractal resources.


Posted in November 21st, 1999

Waterloo Fractal Compression Project

The Waterloo Fractal Compression Project is part of a general research programme dedicated to the study of fractal analysis and Iterated Function Systems/Fractal Transforms from both theoretical as well as practical perspectives.

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Posted in November 14th, 1999