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Image Compression

Compression that is specifically oriented towards still images is given here. Note that the more specialized compression algorithms such as JPEG and JBIG have their own sections, this tends to collect everything else.

JPEG 2000 Browser Plugin

Elysium says that this product is the first publicly released JPEG 2000 plugin for the Windows platform. It works with Netscape, Opera, and IE browsers, and is free.

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Posted in September 12th, 2004

Animal - AN IMAging Library

Yet another imaging library that claims to support over 80 image formats under Win32. This is listed as an Alpha status project that is shipping version 0.14.0 as of July, 2004.


Posted in July 16th, 2004

Taking Advantage of libpng

Reputedly an excellent set of resources for using libpng - but don’t take my word for it - my Japanese is non-existent.


Posted in July 10th, 2004


ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries offered under a free license to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats (over 87 major formats) including popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, and GIF. Programming interfaces are provided for C/C++, Java, Perl, VB, and more.

Version 6.0.3 is shipping in July, 2004.

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Posted in July 10th, 2004


FreeImage is yet another free library for image reading, writing, and manipulation. FreeImage supports a long list of compressed formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more. Claims to support multiple platforms, but it does apear that most of the experience with this project is on Win32 systems.

Version 3.4.0 is shipping in July, 2004.


Posted in July 10th, 2004

Experiments in archival-quality image compression

Published in Results, JPEG

Some image compression tests by Mike Muus, the author of ping.

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Posted in July 10th, 2004

JIU - The Java Imaging Utilities - An image processing library

JIU, the Java Imaging Utilities, is a library which offers functionality to load, analyze, process and save pixel images. It is written in Java and comes with full source code under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.


Posted in July 10th, 2004

Loading JPG & PNG resources using GDI+

An article on the CodeProject detailing a user’s troubles with GDI+. In particular, he found that he was unable to load JPG or PNG files stored as resources with GDI+. This article presents a way to make it happen.

This article was updated June 17, 204.


Posted in June 27th, 2004

DevIL - A full featured cross-platform image library

DevIL provides the code needed to load a wide variety of images into your program. A nice long list of images that can be loaded are listed here, and a smaller but still quite nice list of formats that can be written to. Displaying images is currently supported under OpenGL, Windows GDI, SDL, DirectX, and Allegro,

Version 1.6.7 shipped in June, 2004.


Posted in June 27th, 2004


I can’t imagine a better description of this product than is found on the first line of their web page: “PNGwriter is a C++ class for creating PNG images.” And yes, it’s a free library, and it’s portable as all get-out, working on Win32, Linux, Mac OS X, and more.

Version 0.4.0 shipped in June, 2004.


Posted in June 27th, 2004

Sixlegs PNG Library

Sixlegs PNG Library is a Java 1.1-compatible PNG decoder which features full compliance with the latest PNG specification. It supports all valid bit depths (grayscale/color), interlacing, palette-indexed images, alpha/transparency, gamma correction, access to all standard chunk data, private chunk handling, progressive display, and more


Posted in June 24th, 2004

PNG/MNG Construction Set

Published in Commercial Programs, PNG

PNG/MNG Construction Set represents the state of the art in animation software. It will assemble your original animations effortlessly through its Animation Wizard, squeeze them down to as close to nothing as possible with its Supercompressor; create eyecatching banners and animated transitions; manage your MNG files; add transparency to existing PNG graphics and a lot more.

Version 2.0.25 is shipping as of June, 2004.


Posted in June 20th, 2004


Markus Kuhn has this to say about it: I wrote the freely available JBIG-KIT 1.2 portable ANSI C library, which implements a highly effective lossless bi-level image compression algorithm based on context sensitive arithmetic coding. The JBIG algorithm (specified in ITU-T Recommendation T.82), which is implemented in this library, is especially suitable for compressing scanned documents and fax pages. You can also download the (unfortunately German) project report (Studienarbeit) that I wrote about JBIG-KIT (abstract).

Release 1.6 available as of 6/2004.


Posted in June 20th, 2004

GraphicsMagick Image Processing System

GraphicsMagic is a branch off of the ImageMagick project. I suppose there are some interesting political machinations behind all that, but for right now you should just know that GraphicsMagick is attempting to provide a stable set of code that can be used in other free and proprietary products. This consists of a big batch of image processing library functions, as well as a command line tool that lets you easily exercise some of those functions.

Version 1.1.2 shipped in June, 2004.


Posted in June 13th, 2004

An Image Decoder Based on IImgCtx

This article shows how to decode images with IImgCtx interface provided by IE. In addition to the image types decoded with the IPictur einterface, IImgCtx also decodes TIFF and PNG.


Posted in June 6th, 2004


Pack all your files into a single executable with MoleBox or MoleBox Pro.


Posted in May 24th, 2004

PNG (Portable Network Graphic) gives their explanation of what this is.


Posted in May 24th, 2004

Caliph and Emir

Java & MPEG-7 based tools for semantic annotation and retrieval of digital photos and images supporting graph like annotation and content based image retrieval.


Posted in May 23rd, 2004

The JBIG Home Page

Home page for the members of the JBIG committee, as well as a place for links and information about the Bi-Level Image coding standard.

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Posted in May 15th, 2004

Advanced Image Coding

Advanced Image Coding (AIC) is an experimental still image compression system
that combines algorithms from the H.264 and JPEG standards. More specifically,
it combines intra frame block prediction from H.264 with a JPEG-style discrete
cosine transform, followed by context adaptive binary arithmetic coding as used
in H.264. The result is a compression scheme that performs much better than JPEG
and close to JPEG-2000.


Posted in May 15th, 2004

12Ghosts Zip

This package includes 12Zip and 12Zip2. The first version uses Zip compatible compression, and the second uses a BWT variant.

Version 7.0 of the package is shipping as of May, 2004


Posted in May 14th, 2004

Accusoft’s Image Compression Stable

A list of the various types of image compression that Accusoft supports, along with a little detail on each type.


Posted in May 10th, 2004


Accusoft makes a variety of imaging products, including a nice commercial imaging library.


Posted in May 10th, 2004


Netpbm is a C package of routines for conversion, rendering, and
manipulation of graphics files. The program understands a wide array of image formats, and best of all, is completely free.

The 10.22 release shipped in May of 2004.


Posted in May 2nd, 2004

Scilab Image Processing Toolbox

SIP intends to do imaging tasks such as filtering, blurring, edge detection, thresholding, histogram manipulation, segmentation, mathematical morphology, color image processing, etc.
These operations are useful for problem solving in real-world applications ranging from car motion planning to automatic diagnosis of medical images.

Version 0.3.1 is shipping as of May, 2004.


Posted in May 2nd, 2004


This is an open-source package of DjVu programs and libraries, including encoders, viewers, browser plugins, and various utlities. The DjVu standard for document encoding was once an ATT research project, but now has been commercialized by LizardTech. This project is an attempt to popularize and evangelize the DjVu technology, with at least the benign awareness of LizardTech.

Release 3.5.13 shipped in April of 2004.


Posted in April 25th, 2004


“Jpegpixi” is short for “JPEG pixel interpolator”. It is a command-line utility which interpolates pixels in JFIF images (commonly refered to as “JPEG images”). This is useful to correct images from a digital camera with CCD defects. Jpegpixi is unique in that it tries to preserve the quality of the JFIF image as much as possible


Posted in April 25th, 2004


OptiPNG is a PNG optimizer that recompresses the image files to a smaller size, without losing any information.
The idea behind this program has been inspired from pngcrush (, and is explained in detail in the PNG-Tech article “A guide to PNG optimization”


Posted in April 25th, 2004

Working with GIF images in Delphi

A straightforward article with some discussion and links.


Posted in April 11th, 2004

QuickTime Components Project

This site is dedicated to open source QuickTime development for popular open source audio and video codecs. We are currently working on Ogg Vorbis, an audio codec developed by Xiphophorus, and MNG, an animation video codec.


Posted in April 4th, 2004