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Complexity research tries to apply absolute numbers to the question regarding how complex a data sequence is, which in turn has something to say about how well the sequence will compress. Traditional data compression research dodges the question of absolute complexity, instead always referring to the entropy of a data stream “with respect to a given model.” Complexity studies the entropy of a sequence with respect to God’s model.

Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov

This site is dedicated to the Centennial of Andrei Nikolaevich Kolmogorov, a leading light in the field of complexity. The site contains the information for a conference being held in his honor in Moscow during June, 2003.


Posted in April 21st, 2003

Kolmogorov Complexity

The definition from the NIST Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures.


Posted in April 5th, 2003

Wikipedia Entry: Algorithmic Information Theory

The Wikipedia entry for Algorithmic Information Theory. Explains the field of study that includes such interesting things as Kolmogorov complexity.


Posted in January 27th, 2002

Data Compression Newsletter #20 - Randomness and Complexity

This issue of the newsletter talks about randomness, complexity, and a long-time favorite, recursive compression.


Posted in August 11th, 2001

Complexity International

Complexity International is a refereed journal for scientific papers dealing with any area of complex systems research.


Posted in October 22nd, 2000

Information Content and Compression Limit FAQ

How much can a given piece of data be compressed? This FAQ addresses that question, including some necessary critiques of the question itself. Graham Fyffe apparently spends some time thinking about complexity.

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Posted in July 29th, 2000

Complexity and Entanglement

Charles Bloom thinks out loud about complexity.


Posted in January 6th, 2000

G J Chaitin

G.J. Chaitin seems to be interested in complexity and information theory.


Posted in January 1st, 2000

Kolmogorov, Andrey Nikolayevich

Published in People, Complexity

A short bio of the famous Russian mathematician. His name lives on in comp.compression and elsewhere due to his seminal work in the study of complexity.

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Posted in November 5th, 1999