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The JBIG Home Page

Home page for the members of the JBIG committee, as well as a place for links and information about the Bi-Level Image coding standard.

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Posted in May 15th, 2004


Accusoft makes a variety of imaging products, including a nice commercial imaging library.


Posted in May 10th, 2004

Quantum Random Number Generation

This web site offers you random numbers generated using quantum process, which sounds like the gold standard to me.


Posted in April 4th, 2004

Windows Media High Definition Video

Microsoft thinks Windows Media Video can be a big part of the HD scene. This web page is dedicated to that proposition.


Posted in January 18th, 2004

NSF I/U Center for Next Generation Video

The Center for Next Generation Video is working on a number of research projects dealing with advanced video coding.


Posted in October 27th, 2003

Adam Clark Finds a Buyer

It appears that the technology promised by Adam Clark has found a buyer. MWC is paying $11 million for the IP that is reputed to be able to create a full-screen video experience over normal voice lines.


Posted in October 14th, 2003


Talleo advertises themselves as an international telecommunications consulting firm that provides Network Engineering, WAN optimization, and data compression. They are a reseller of Peribit’s products.


Posted in August 24th, 2003

Migrator 2000

This group says that they will develop, demonstrate and disseminate tools for the JPEG 2000 digital imaging standard. At this time that seems to include a couple of demonstration programs, some text and web pages, test images, and a link to a Perl package.


Posted in March 30th, 2003

Chaotic Compression?

Kevin Short at the University of New Hampshire has created a company called Chaoticom that is raising money to develop his new idea called Chaotic Compression Technology. Until we see some papers, algorithms, or products this is going to have to be categorized as an Incredible Claim.


Posted in March 27th, 2003

Expand Networks

Expand makes a series of Network Accelerators. These are black boxes that perform lossless compression on packets being shipped across our WAN. Lots of competition in this area, so companies like Expand depend on innovative and proprietary techniques to give them an edge.

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Posted in March 26th, 2003

Data Compression Conferences

Jürgen Abel is now tracking conferences which will be covering data compression topics. This listing includes the conference, dates, web page, and submission deadline. You are encouraged to keep Jürgen updated with any new information.

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Posted in January 19th, 2003


Nellymoser is the leading provider of proprietary speech and audio software technology and solutions in the areas of compression, modification, synchronization and conversion. Our products improve speech and audio quality and efficiency in bandwidth-constrained environments while creating more immersive, interactive environments for your applications and services.

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Posted in December 9th, 2002

Take A HyperDrive On The Internet Super Highway

Pegasus Web Services has a new compression algorithm that they say can put 1.2GB on a floppy disk! No demo software yet, but if you’re interested in licensing the technology they are ready to talk.


Posted in September 15th, 2002

Forgent’s Press Release on JPEG Patent

Forgent explains their position with respect to the infamous ‘672 patent.


Posted in August 8th, 2002

One of the home pages of the Ogg Vorbis project, this is a good place to start if you’re looking for downloads, documentation, or Ogg Vorbis software.

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Posted in August 8th, 2002

RealNetworks Helix Initiative

RealNetworks has announced that they are going to be Open Sourcing a significant portion of their server products. Outlook from the Open Source community is guardedly optimistic.


Posted in August 8th, 2002

Xceed Software, Inc.

Makers of high-quality, commercial-grade data compression, encryption and internet components for Windows developers.

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Posted in July 31st, 2002


These folks make a box that transparently compresses network traffic. Designed to work on any sort of WAN interface, including T1, E1, ATM, etc. The web site includes an ROI calcuator that will convince you this box will pay for itself!


Posted in June 25th, 2002


This company labels itself as “The world leader in end-to-end MPEG-4 Solutions.” Looks like they sell a suite of authoring and encoding tools, and perhaps some server software. Follow the link to “About MPEG-4″ and you’ll get a little bit of text plus some more links.


Posted in June 4th, 2002

Overview of the Nancy Codec

This PDF file provides a two page overview of the Nancy codec and the company that’s behind it, NOA, Inc.


Posted in June 2nd, 2002

Cal Tech improves on 3D compression

CNN reports on a research team at Cal Tech that has created a new algorithm for compressing 3D object representations. If you can figure out how it works from this article, send me an email!


Posted in May 29th, 2002

On2 uses new video compression on film

CNet reports that On2 Technologies is using a feature film to demo their new compression technology. You can see “To Kill a Lawyer” over the Internet at several speeds ranging from 400 KBps up to 1MBps. The proprietary algorithm is called VP5.


Posted in May 20th, 2002


This company sells an IP core that performs lossless data compression. Not sure what algorithm they are using, it is described as “GEMAC’s data compression algorithm.” This algorithm was first published at DCC ‘95, and is described as a hybrid of ZL1 and ZL2, created with the goal of maximizing compression rate.


Posted in May 14th, 2002

HP Labs LOCO-I/JPEG-LS Home Page

JPEG-LS is the new lossless/near-lossless compression standard for continuous-tone images developed by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG1 (final draft international standard FDIS14495-1 as of Novembr 1998). The standard is based on the LOCO-I algorithm (LOw COmplexity LOssless COmpression for Images) developed at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Update: The HP site has just added a JPEG-LS plugin for Photoshop, in addition to the HP implementation that has been there for some time.

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Posted in April 17th, 2002

The Video Quality Experts Group

A growing concern for video researchers and broadcasters alike, is the assurance and maintenance of an acceptable service quality level for the distribution of video programming. The Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) was created to deal with video quality issues, specifically, objective methods for predicting video image quality.


Posted in April 7th, 2002

QuikCat Technologies

These guys use compression to increase messaging throughput on your network. Looks like they work with Microsoft Exchange, as well as having a general purpose product for ISPs.


Posted in April 4th, 2002

Official RAR/WinRAR Registration and Support Site

I guess this is where you go to register or get support for your copy of RAR or WinRAR.


Posted in April 4th, 2002

Pulsent promises bang-up video compression

Privately held Pulsent is promising a new video compression technique that can stream video across the net with only half the bandwidth of MPEG2. They’ve not only created a new algorithm but are also developing the chips to support it.


Posted in March 26th, 2002

Zlib flaw leaves Linux computers vulnerable

CNET reports the existence of a bug in zlib that leaves room for security exploits. The bug is one that occurs when a program attempts to free allocated memory twice, which leaves the internals of the library in an unpredictable state.


Posted in March 19th, 2002

CEO leads cell phones to real-time rock

An article in EE Times that talks about the CEO of the company producing the Nancy video codec. Nancy has significantly lower MIPS requirements than MPEG-4, which has gotten it in the door of Japan’s 2.5G cell phone manufactures.


Posted in March 15th, 2002