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Compression techniques oriented specifically towards networking techniques, such as accelerating Web Browsers.

ZipEnable for IIS

Unlike the compression built into IIS 4 and 5 (Windows NT/2000), IIS 6.0 offers out-of-the-box compression embedded into the core Web server code itself, allowing for extremely fast HTTP compression with minimal resource penalties.

Version 2.0 is shipping as of May, 2004.


Posted in June 20th, 2004

Compressing Web Content

Compressing Web content can produce a much faster site for users. Here’s how to set it up and measure your success.l


Posted in May 10th, 2004


The OutlookZIP it’s an Add-On for Microsoft® Outlook. It makes easy for you to compress the files that you attach to Microsoft® Outlook e-mail messages. OutlookZIP adds three buttons to Outlook toolbar making the usage simple easy. OutlookZIP works only with Outlook 2000, Outlook XP (2002), and Outlook 2003. It does not work with Outlook Express.


Posted in March 20th, 2004


Published in Hardware, Internet

These folks make NetCelera, a WAN compression product.


Posted in March 1st, 2004


This commercial product will zip up entire web sites and download them to your PC. You can then view them off line, at your leisure.


Posted in January 11th, 2004


This is a compiler for web pages, that uses various techniques to squeeze the fat out of your web pages. This includes things a simple as white-space reduction and as complex as JavaScript compression.

Ron M. had this to say: This is a great program, very highly recommended for Web developers. It lets you write your code full of comments and extra space for readability, and then strips it all out automatically for the live site. My pages have been noticeably faster & very hard to decipher the code on the other end. It’s been reliable and easy to get used to.

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Posted in December 7th, 2003

Attachments Zip Compressor

This commercial product takes care of managing your attachments. It appears to do
this transparently, so you don’t even have to think about zipping up a big
attachment before sending.


Posted in December 5th, 2003


A server and download accelerator for your Microsoft web server. The site says that TurboIIS is an advanced component for Microsoft Internet Information Servers, designed specifically with the aim of lowering band consumption, accelerating download times of static and dynamic content, and preventing redundant access to database resources. 30 day trial download available!

Reader Alfred S. had this to say: Very impressive performance compared to other similar products.

Version 4.0 is shipping as of December, 2003.

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Posted in December 2nd, 2003


This is a web proxy that compresses pages using standard gzip compression, making them a lot smaller for serving up over low-speed connections. Not only does it convert text to gzip encoding, it also converts images to low-quality JPEGs for maximum space savings.

Version 1.3b is shipping as of November, 2003.


Posted in November 26th, 2003


Zipserver is a little HTTP server that serves up static documents from inside Zip files. Great way to put manuals or archived documents on line, don’t you think?


Posted in November 8th, 2003


The project to maintain a version of Mozilla that supports MNG format animated graphics.


Posted in November 1st, 2003


This program is designed to optimize your HTML source files by removing unnecessary characters, duplicated tags, and so on. Yes, this counts as Data Compression! Note that this link points to the Windows version of the program, but there are also two different Mac versions which you can easily find.

Version 7.82 was shipping in october of 2003.


Posted in October 28th, 2003

GNUNetPress Network Compression

GNUNetPress - Network compression client/server software. Compresses data over slow networks to save on the cost of bandwidth. Server is developed for Unix platforms, The client will run on Linux or Windows based PCs.


Posted in September 28th, 2003

HTTP Compression

Brian Livingston’s short article on HTTP compression provides some pointers detailing how to configure your server to serve compressed content.


Posted in September 1st, 2003


Talleo advertises themselves as an international telecommunications consulting firm that provides Network Engineering, WAN optimization, and data compression. They are a reseller of Peribit’s products.


Posted in August 24th, 2003


Mod ZipRead is an Apache 2 module to browser Zip Archives. It uses zziplib.


Posted in August 24th, 2003


This nifty program searches through a normal or compressed mailbox looking for strings. Supports Gzip, Bzip2, and tzip formats.


Posted in August 18th, 2003

A JavaScript Compression Tool for Web Applications

A CodeProject article which includes working code. Compression here consists of removal of comments, extra line feeds, white space, etc.


Posted in August 4th, 2003

Javascript Compression

Another compressor for HTML or Javascript files. This looks to be a Javascript implementation. Looks free.

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Posted in July 1st, 2003

This site is dedicated to discussion and explanation of HTTP compression with the Apache web server. Looks to me like the first place to go for information.


Posted in June 29th, 2003


This project aims to compress the graph created by spidering the web. They claim 3.8 bits per link, which seems pretty incredible to me.


Posted in June 15th, 2003


Compreso implements compressed sockets using an LZH algorithm, as implemented by Rolando Herrero. It does this cooperatively with the Win32 socket library, so you can only run this code under Windows. Freeware.


Posted in June 9th, 2003

Why use HTTP Compression?

A quick tutorial on how and why to use HTTP compression when delivering your web pages.


Posted in May 21st, 2003

Compress Your PHP4 Pages

Gzip encoding is a great way to serve up your web pages, because all modern browsers can render this format. If you’re creating pages with PHP4, it turns out to be really easy to compress your pages this way and get a bit of speedup.


Posted in May 5th, 2003

TIS Turbo Virtual Broadband

This system uses data compression and other optimization techniques to speed up your dialup Internet connection. This sytem works with any ISP or provider.


Posted in May 1st, 2003


This product compresses your web pages using the gzip format, which is readable by virtually every modern browser. Compressing the pages this way can do a lot to improve your page loading times.

Version 2.0 is shipping in April, 2003.


Posted in April 23rd, 2003

SlipStream Internet Acceleration

SlipStream Data, using our patented proprietary data compression algorithm, provides Service Providers and Corporations with solutions that reduce bandwidth and increase the speed of Internet access using dial-up and wireless connections.

Version 3.0 of SlipStream is shipping in May, 2003.


Posted in April 23rd, 2003


HTMLCompact is a commercial program that squeezes your HTML pages, giving you faster downloads and increased user retention. It appears that this is done using some sort of compression that is executed in JavaScript.

Version 2.0 of this product is shipping as of August, 2003.


Posted in April 21st, 2003

Expand Networks

Expand makes a series of Network Accelerators. These are black boxes that perform lossless compression on packets being shipped across our WAN. Lots of competition in this area, so companies like Expand depend on innovative and proprietary techniques to give them an edge.

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Posted in March 26th, 2003


httpZip uses standard algorithms to compress web pages streaming out of your IIS server. This commercial software adds support, installation programs, and administration to provide you with something a cut above some of the free alternatives.


Posted in January 19th, 2003