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Zipgenius is yet-another-archiver. Supports 21 different compression formats, plus a pretty long list of extras, such as FTP support, email, backup functions, and more. The long list of features might make you expect a price tag, but ZipGenius is in fact free!

Version of ZipGenius is shipping as of June, 2004.


Posted in June 14th, 2004


PentaZip has a very nice feature set, supports advanced encryption, large archives, Windows shell integration, and all the other good stuff you’ve come to expect. Also supports a wide variety of languages.

Release shipped in November, 2003

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Posted in November 26th, 2003

C Library to search over compressed texts

A team from the University of Pisa in Italy have created a set of two libraries to demonstrate the ability to perform searches in compressed text. The code is packaged as two LGPL libraries: HuffwLib and CGrepLib, and sample programs are available on the site for demonstration purposes.

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Posted in April 15th, 2003


ZipCentral is a free and easy to use zip file manager with all the utilities you need to manage your zip files. The goal of ZipCentral is to be the most robust freeware zip-package you can find today. It is a great tool for the beginner as well as the expert. Working with zip files has never been easier!


Posted in May 16th, 2002

Compressione della voce a 2.4 Kbit/s

Part of a Master’s Thesis on voice compression, in Italian.


Posted in January 2nd, 2002

Paolo Ferragina

Paolo Ferragina’s research in data structures and string matching naturally lends itself to Data Compression and to the problem of indexing compressed data. See the link to his recent papers on indexing BWT compressed files. He is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pisa.

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Posted in November 9th, 2000

Giovanni Manzini

Giovanni Manzini has published papers covering a few different topics in Data Compression, including several recent works on Burrows-Wheeler algorithms. He is currently an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Universita degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale in the the most northern reaches of Italy.

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Posted in September 25th, 2000

Telvox Software Shop

This site has links to Telvox’s CODEC package, which appears to ship in both free and commercial versions. CODEC uses proprietary lossless compression, and is ported to a wide variety of platforms. Telvox is located in Bologna, Italy, and has duplicate web pages in English and Italian.

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Posted in November 26th, 1999