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Commercial Libraries

Libraries, DLLs, and OCXs that provide data compression services of some sort or another. The libraries listed in this section are either shareware or commercial, meaning they will almost always require payment if used in a product released to the general public. Many of the products offer trial versions that you can use for evaluation.

DynaZIP ZIP/UNZIP toolkits

DynaZIP offers just about everything you’d want to work with Zip files in a Win32 environment. user Mike L. had this to say: Creates huge output executables. Features contained in multiple packages are contained in a single package in comparable products. Pricing is very steep compared to comparable products.

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Posted in July 16th, 2004

PKWARE Developer Solutions

PKWare has created a couple of new SDKs that allow developers to create and manipulate ZIP files, as well as to take advantage of PKWares new security features.


Posted in May 31st, 2004


compaact! allows you to easily encode your audio files with the high quality coding algorithm MPEG-4 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). compaact! is capable of multichannel encoding and comes with extensive audio preprocessing features to achieve even better encoding results.

Version 1.2 is shipping in April, 2004.


Posted in April 11th, 2004


The folks at Compandent have this to say about their product: Compandent’s ComPacketer is a voice coder which achieves a breakthrough in quality/bit rate/complexity tradeoff. Compandent’s novel technology, the ComPacketer that operates at 2.8 kb/s, produces speech with quality which exceeds that of ITU-T G.723.1 at 6.3 kb/s. Using the ComPacketer, only graceful degradation is introduced in frame erasure environment, as compared to the higher quality degradation introduces by the common standards used for VoIP.

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Posted in March 7th, 2004


A set of Win32 libraries, DLLs, and controls that let you manipulate tar and gz format archives under Win32.
A DCL user had this to say: Worked very quickly, very reliable, absolutely worth the money, I had it running correctly in 5 minutes, mabye less. There was also more than enough sample code to work with. It’s the best G-zip compression library I have found anywhere..

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Posted in March 1st, 2004

GAO Research Modem Software

GAO Research sells modem software for quite a few different platforms, including a big batch of DSP parts. Naturally, this includes modules to perform both V.42bis and V.44 data compression.


Posted in December 21st, 2003

GAO Research Speech Codec Software

GAO Research sells speech codecs for quite a few different platforms, including a big batch of DSP parts. They support a wide varity of ITU formats, including G.729, G.711, G.722, and more.


Posted in December 21st, 2003

Windows Media Player 9 Series Software Development Kit

The Microsoft® Windows Media® Player 9 Series Software Development Kit (SDK) provides information and tools to customize Windows Media Player and to use the Windows Media Player ActiveX® control. This documentation also provides information about using Windows Media metafiles.


Posted in December 15th, 2003

Arcsoft Mobile Media Codecs

Arcsoft has a line of mobile media codecs that includes support for MIDI, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and speech.


Posted in October 29th, 2003


ImageGear from Accusoft is a super-capable imaging library, available in four different varieties. It supports the normal roster of file types, but also includes some more advanced image and file formats, such as PDF and JPEG-2000.

Version 13 is shipping as of October, 2003.


Posted in October 9th, 2003

Vibrant Communicator ActiveX Library

This ActiveX control is used by developers of audio applications to provide low-latency streaming compressed audio.


Posted in August 9th, 2003

Hawk Software Commercial Speech Codecs

Hawk Software is now selling a pair of codecs, LPC-10 and OpenLPC, that are suitable for Windows CE, CELinux, and other 32-bit embedded platforms. More are planned for future releases.


Posted in July 8th, 2003

Epigon Media Technologies

It’s a little hard for me to tell what Epigon is selling. They have a nice picture of some kind of board on their front page, but I don’t think they have any hardware for sale. They do appear to have audio codecs for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4, as well as what appears to be a proprietary speech codec called eSpeech.

Note: Reader Ragu says that despite the problem siwith the web page, he is a big fan of their products. He is a satisfied customer who feels their audio codecs are the best.

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Posted in July 2nd, 2003

Xceed Streaming Compression for .NET

Xceed Streaming Compression for .NET is an efficient and lightweight data compression class library for Microsoft .NET and ASP.NET. It can process any size byte array with ease and provides a true .NET pass-through stream object for automatically compressing or decompressing any .NET stream’s data on the fly. It supports the GZip, Zlib, Deflate and Deflate64 compression formats.

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Posted in June 22nd, 2003

Xceed Streaming Compression Library

The Xceed Streaming Compression Library is a high-performance “raw” compression library. It offers the ability to compress and decompress streaming data, buffers, strings or single files and supports multiple compressed data formats. Unlike the Xceed Zip Compression Library, this ultralight library doesn’t offer Zip file handling capabilities.

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Posted in June 21st, 2003

Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Framework

Xceed Zip for .NET Compact Framework is a data compression and all-purpose file manipulation class library for creating mobile apps. It provides flexible zip, gzip and streaming data compression capabilities for compact applications created with Visual Studio .NET 2003. The library includes an innovative and extensible filesystem object model that makes zip files as easy to work with as regular files or folders.

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Posted in June 21st, 2003

The GSLib image compression library

Alexander Simakov has created a streaming, DCT-based, lossy compression library that works on gray scale images. This is a shareware library that works with Win32 programs. Registered users get source code, samples in several languages, and help files in English and Russian.


Posted in June 20th, 2003


SheerVideo is a QuickTime video codec. Looks like they currently only support the Mac platform, but Linux and Windows support is promised soon.


Posted in June 4th, 2003

Polar Zip 5.0

Polar Zip is a Win32 component that provides all the compression and archiving features you could ever need. Use with any development environment that can accept an ActiveX control.

Polar has added a .NET version of their Zip component in May, 2003.

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Posted in May 26th, 2003

Making Windows Media Player Plug-ins Work Together

An article on MSDN describing the plugin architecture of Windows Media Player 9.


Posted in May 25th, 2003

The On2 VP6 Video Codec

The folks at On2 have a pretty nice sounding video codec here, designed for computer applications and set-top boxes. Looks like they want to go head-to-head with Windows Media 9 and MPEG-4.

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Posted in May 13th, 2003

PDF Creator Pilot

This library is able to product PDF documents from VB, Delphi, and Visual C++. This naturally includes the ability to create compressed images using jpeg, zlib, and CCITT formats.


Posted in May 11th, 2003

SuperCool ZIP Backup

SuperCool Zip Backup software is a data backup,restore and file synchronization program. You can use any drive in your system to store the backup files in standard Zip format that can be transferred to remote machine by FTP or Email. It can also compare and synchronize files or folders.

Version 1.61 is shipping as of May, 2003.


Posted in May 8th, 2003


LuraDocument represents an innovative compression software custom-tailored to the compression of scanned color documents composed of both images and text. The documents are partitioned into pure picture and pure text segments through the use of its state-of-the-art segmentation algorithm. Each of these segments is then compressed using an algorithm optimized for this type of data. As a result, scanned color documents can be stored at extremely high quality despite small file sizes. LuraDocument is capable of reaching compression rates of 1:150 to 1:500 while still preserving full readability of the text and excellent quality of the pictures. This makes LuraDocument far superior to even the wide spread PDF format.


Posted in April 8th, 2003

Windows Media Video 9 Video Compression Manager

This tool lets you package content encoded with the Series 9 codecs in traditional AVI containers. Future applications should use the ASF file container, but legacy apps may be constrained to the AVI format. This tool allows the old and the new to work together.

This tool was shipping in a Beta version as of April, 2003.


Posted in April 7th, 2003

AVPhone ActiveX Controls

These ActiveX controls provide real-time compression and rendering of audio and video streams, supporting standard formats such as H.263, MPEG-4, G.723 and more. It appears that they are designed for IP Telephony, but they also advertise the ability to do straight-up compression to/from disk or memory. You can use a demo version for free, with limitations, but upgrading to the pro release is going to set you back a bit. Redistribution is included in the price, though.

Version 3.0 is shipping as of April, 2003.


Posted in April 5th, 2003


The EasyAudio ActiveX Control adds speech handling capabilities to your Win32 program. Listed features include nice things such as support for popular codecs including G.729, G.711, and ADPCM, unicast and multicast support, AGC, jitter buffer management, and noise reduction. The web page gives a price of $1000 for the control, and $2000 for the source code. I hope that big price tag includes free distribution rights, but the web site is woefully short on license information.

Version 3.0 is shipping as of March, 2003.


Posted in March 16th, 2003

Easy Video

The EasyVideo ActiveX control lets you integrate real-time video into any Win32 app that can host an ActiveX control. Video features supported include video capture, transmission, compression, and decompression, using standard Windows codecs as well as MPEG-4. Additional niceties include multicast support and bandwidth adjustment.

Version 3.0 is shipping in March, 2003.


Posted in March 16th, 2003


Enbaya makes a product called ProGATE that is used to compress 3D graphics and animations for game developers.


Posted in March 5th, 2003

Free DCL Decompressor

Mark Adler built a decompressor that is able to read streams built with PKWare’s Data Compression Library. Since PKWare hasn’t released source for DCL, this is a very good thing, and free to boot.


Posted in February 27th, 2003