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LHA is an archiver that was written in Japan in the 1980s. LHA was incredibly influential, forming the basis for dozens of archivers based on its source code. DCL reader Joe S. points out that the archivers in the LHA family are one of the few archivers that have been supported and seen use on Amiga systems. He credits this to the hard work of one Stefan Boberg.

LHA History Lesson

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A few notes about the ancient history of LHA on comp.compression.


Posted in February 22nd, 2004

MacLHA support

This web site is run by the author of MacLHA, a drag and drop version of LHA for Mac OS. You can also get access to a drag and drop LHA expander for Mac OS here.


Posted in November 24th, 2003

DropLHA for Mac OS/X

A site that has a port of a drag and drop version of LHA to Mac OS X. My Japanese referrer tells me this version does not support MacBinary so resource forks will be lost by this program.


Posted in November 24th, 2003

LHA Library for Java

jLHA is a Java library that supports reading and writing of LHA archives. It attempts to use the same interface as the package. It looks like there was a burst of activity in the spring of 2002, not much activity since them.


Posted in October 7th, 2002

LHZ Benchmark

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A set of benchmark results that compare various versions of LHA and jLHA. (jLHA is an LHA library found on the same web site.)


Posted in October 7th, 2002

LHA Notes

Nice detailed documentation on the structure of an LHA file. If you’re going to attempt to support LHA files, you need a pointer to this doc.


Posted in September 15th, 2002

TCompLHA component set

A Delphi component. TCompLHA helps you create and manage archives compatible with the popular freeware LHArc and LHA utilities (these archives can also be processed by the popular WinZip program if you have LHA). Simple one-step methods such as Scan, Compress, Expand, Delete and Verify make archive management very easy. In addition it includes the TSegLHA component which allows for the creation of segmented (e.g. multi-disk) archives.


Posted in September 15th, 2002

Huffman Compression Engine

This program is currently capable of reading and extracting files made with LHA and other utilities that generate .lzh files, from -lh4- to -lh7-. The foundation of the algorithm for this program like ARJ is based on Haruhiko Okumura’s work on ar002, which was the foundation of LHA. Unlike Haruhiko’s work however, the dictionary size is dynamic and currently allows for dictionary sizes of up to 64KB. On larger files, compression of files is usually 0.5% to 5% tighter than PKzip, and work in progress will likely yield even better results. Files created with this utility natively create -lh7- signed archives, which on larger files results in slightly better compression than that of lha32 by Haruyasu Yoshizaki.


Posted in January 1st, 2002

LHA Compression

This page has a good set of pointers to LHA programs and source code, including variants such as AR002, lz_comp2, and Lharc.


Posted in June 3rd, 2000

Micco’s Home Page

Home of LHMelt, UNLHA32.DLL, UNARJ32.DLL. All text on this page is in Japanese, except for a single link pointing to English information on UNLHA32.DLL.

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Posted in November 5th, 1999

LHA Source code site

FTP site that contains LHA source code. Most of this page is in Japanese.


Posted in February 18th, 1999