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Finland, like New Zealand, seems to produce a disproportionately large number of people interested in data compression. Sometimes they produce information in their native language. Here are pointers to a few examples.

SBC Archiver

The submitter said: SBC is Burrows Wheeler Transform based file archiver. It’s one of the fastest BWT implementations with high compression ratio. SBC also introduces a high security options with a number of strong encryption algorithms.
SBC appears to be shareware. Comment from a DCL user: Cool archiver; the author has made great effors to make it really fast and also added a lot of heuristics to behave well on multimedia data.

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Posted in April 24th, 2001

Yleisimpiä kuvanpakkausmenetelmiä ja niiden vertailua

This appears to be an overview of various data compression methods applied to image compression, both lossy and lossless. The page is entirely in what appears to be Finnish.

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Posted in February 17th, 1999